Towing Heads

Towing Heads are used for easy towing Polyethylene (PE) pipes and other various Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) applications. It is reusable, easy to use and there's no additional tools required. Rotating the Towing Head into the PE pipe results in a pull-out resilient connection for towing the PE pipe in the preferred direction. We manufacture wide range of Towing Heads that provide a quick, simple and reliable method of attaching a winch wire, or other pulling device, to a plastic pipe. Its also the most efficient way to allow the safe towing of polymer pipe into position. Towing Heads avoid the need to cut into the pipe or the fusing of additional fittings in order to gain a pulling fixture.

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Towing Heads

Towing Heads

Towing Heads

Towing Heads

Our Towing Heads (Duct Pullers) are made from the highest grade materials including high tensile steel jaws to ensure continued performance in the toughest conditions. All models are manufactured to a high specification using good quality steels and aluminium

  • Aluminium towing cones for larger sizes reduce weight
  • Higher performance in the toughest conditions
  • Zinc plated finish to resist corrosion
  • Jaws are made from 4140 alloy steel

The table below provides specifications for wide range of Towing Head Sizes, click on individual size for its description and price and to make a purchase. We manufacture custom sized towing heads too, contact us for a custom quote or call 08 9493 0642. We deliver Australia wide

Standard Towing Heads

Nom. Size

I.D. Min (mm)

I.D Max (mm)

O.D (mm)

Approx Weight (kg)

Prices (incl. GST)

50 39.0 48.0 50.0 1.00 $236.50
63 48.0 60.0 63.0 1.70 $253.00
90 67.0 86.0 90.0 2.80 $385.00
110 88.0 101.0 110.0 4.20 $418.00
125 96.0 116.0 125.0 5.20 $484.00
140 107.0 137.0 140.0 8.60 $605.00
160 128.0 154.0 160.0 11.60 $715.00
180 143.0 171.0 180.0 15.00 $880.00