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Towing Head 125

Towing Head 125

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    The Towing Head 125 has been developed to provide a strong fully sealed reusable towing head for the larger sizes of PE pipe.

    Each Towing Head has a series of four grippers connected to the eye-bolt via a tail cone. As the eye-bolt is tightened the tail is pulled toward the nose and the grippers expand.

    Key Features

    For easy towing PE pipes
    Reusable and no additional tools required rotating the Towing Head into the PE pipe
    Easily installed and removed.
    The harder the eye is pulled the harder the pipe is gripped.
    Proven tooth profile for maximum grip.
    Wide range of sizes to choose from (50mm to 180mm).

    If you want a custom sized towing head made, please contact us for a custom quote or call 08 9493 0642


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