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Cable Socks

Cable Socks | Whip Checks | Hose Restraint Cable Grips

Cable Socks (Stockings), also known as Towing Slings or Hose Restraint Cable Grips are the standard expanding cable pullers that can be used for any application that requires a pulling load to be applied to a cable or pipe. The most common use is the installation of cables and small pipe ducts in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) applications.

Cable Socks (Hose Restraint Cable Grips) Photo Gallery
We offer a wide range of Cable Socks consist of a wire mesh tube with an eye at one end. They are hand woven using high tensile galvanised steel wire. Each size of Towing Sock has a stated strength onto which a generous factor of safety has been applied. These strengths are regularly checked. Towing Socks are reusable and add little to the outside diameter of the object being pulled. The table below provides specifications for wide range of Cable Sock Sizes, click on individual size for its description and price and to make a purchase. Contact us for a custom quote or call 08 9493 0642. We deliver Australia wide


Single-eye Cable Socks (Hose Restraint): These whip check hose restraints are non-conductive and may be used to install fiber optic cable (NBN).Two-eye Cable Socks (Hose Restraint): These extra strength hose restraint cable grips feature a dual wire used for heavy duty applications such as overhead transmission wire.We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Trenchless Technology Solutions and Equipment in Australia and we deliver nation wide. For more information or to order a custom size cable socks please contact us or call 08 9493 0642

Nom. Size Strength (kg) Length (mm) Approx Weight (kg) -------------------
6-10 900 340 0.10 ENQUIRE NOW
8-14 1290 340 0.10 ENQUIRE NOW
15-20 1290 400 0.12 ENQUIRE NOW
20-30 2750 640 0.40 ENQUIRE NOW
30-40 5450 830 0.51 ENQUIRE NOW
40-50 5450 870 0.58 ENQUIRE NOW
50-60 9250 1120 1.20 ENQUIRE NOW
60-70 9250 1200 1.25 ENQUIRE NOW
70-85 9250 1230 1.30 ENQUIRE NOW
85-100 12450 1500 2.00 ENQUIRE NOW
100-120 12450 1500 2.30 ENQUIRE NOW
120-140 15950 2000 3.60 ENQUIRE NOW
140-180 15950 2020 3.70 ENQUIRE NOW
180-220 15950 2200 4.20 ENQUIRE NOW