Towing Head 125

Towing Heads - Duct Pullers
Price: $484.00
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Towing Heads - Duct Pullers
Towing Heads - Duct Pullers

Product Description

The Towing Head 125 has been developed to provide a strong fully sealed reusable towing head for the larger sizes of PE pipe.

Each Towing Head has a series of four grippers connected to the eye-bolt via a tail cone. As the eye-bolt is tightened the tail is pulled toward the nose and the grippers expand.

Key Features

  • For easy towing PE pipes
  • Reusable and no additional tools required rotating the Towing Head into the PE pipe
  • Easily installed and removed.
  • The harder the eye is pulled the harder the pipe is gripped.
  • Proven tooth profile for maximum grip.
  • Wide range of sizes to choose from (50mm to 180mm).

If you want a custom sized towing head made, please contact us for a custom quote or call 08 9493 0642