Cable Socks 15-20

Cable Socks
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Cable Socks
Cable Socks
Cable Socks
Cable Socks
Cable Socks

Product Description

These Cable Socks are non-conductive and may be used to install fiber optic cable. Cable Grips (Stockings), also known as Cable Socks or Pulling Stockings can be used for any application that requires a pulling load to be applied to a cable, pipe or similar object. These grips do not damage the cable, as the tension remains uniform throughout the length of the grip. Cable socks feature a weave of galvanized steel strands for greater strength and added mesh contact with the cable.

We offer a wide range of Cable Socks (Hose Restraints), contact us or call 08 9493 0642 for more information. We deliver Australia Wide.


  • Oil rig operators
  • Marine/offshore contractors
  • Mining operators
  • Overhead line stringing contractors
  • Trench cable laying contractors
  • Pipe laying contractors